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Laser Periodontal Surgery

Dr. James Jacobs & Dr. Tara Bogart -  - Dental Implant Surgeon

Dr. James Jacobs & Dr. Tara Bogart

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If you’ve put off periodontal treatment because you’re concerned about knives or scalpels, consider LANAP®. LANAP is an advanced, pain-free surgical technique that uses laser technology to safely vaporize diseased tissue, harmful bacteria, and pathologic toxins. At the office of Dr. James Jacobs & Dr. Tara Bogart in Midtown West, Manhattan, the caring periodontists proudly offer LANAP as an outpatient procedure. To schedule your appointment, call the New York City office or book online today.

Laser Periodontal Surgery

What is LANAP®?

LANAP, or Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is a patented periodontal technique that offers an alternative to traditional gum surgery. Instead of using scalpels, LANAP uses laser technology. The process is noninvasive and practically pain-free. LANAP has recently been renamed LAR, or Laser-Assisted Regeneration. Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Bogart use the only FDA approved Laser, Nd:YAG laser known as the Periolase® MVP-7™. 

LANAP is capable of slowing down the progression of gum disease. As a result, you’re less likely to lose teeth or experience jaw bone loss. Additionally, the procedure lowers your risk of physical health problems associated with gum disease, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.

What are the advantages of LANAP?

LANAP presents a variety of advantages compared to traditional periodontal surgery, including:

Advantages of LANAP

  • Less time spent in the dental chair
  • Less mouth trauma
  • Lower risk of pain, bleeding, or swelling
  • Easier healing
  • Faster recovery
  • Long-lasting results


LANAP also preserves the health of your oral tissues. This means less gum recession and improved oral health.



Above is an actual case treated by Dr. Bogart with the LANAP Procedure. On the left is the pre-operative pocket 9mm, and on the right, 11 months later, the pocket has been eradicated, 3mm sulcus. The patient had no discomfort.

What happens during LANAP treatment?

LANAP treatment begins with a thorough oral exam, a review of your oral health history, and a discussion of your goals for treatment. Following the initial examination, Dr. Jacobs or Dr. Bogart orders digital X-rays to get a closer look at your tooth roots and jaw bone.

LANAP includes a patented protocol for which Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Bogart have undergone rigorous training and have been certified LANAP clinicians for over seven years. The first part of the protocol utilizes the laser to selectively target and ablate the causative bacteria and diseased tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact. The teeth roots are cleaned, and the surrounding bone is activated to release bone, promoting proteins to fill in new bone.

The laser is employed again to create a thermodynamic fibrin clot, which acts as a biological barrier and promotes bone growth. Dr. Jacobs or Dr. Bogart then evaluate your bite to make sure that your top teeth and bottom teeth meet evenly.

Adjustments to the teeth are made if the bite is not even (malocclusion) and to make sure there is no occlusal (biting) trauma to the teeth. During treatment, the heat that the LANAP laser produces seals your cleaned gums, forming a thermodynamic fibrin clot. This clot acts as a barrier, preventing bacteria from entering and re-infecting the area.

LANAP is performed with a regular, local dental anesthetic. There is no incision, and therefore no stitches. If you have a history of periodontal surgery, LANAP is significantly less invasive and yields similar, if not better, results than conventional periodontal surgery.

How do I know if I need LANAP/LAR?

If you have any signs of periodontal disease, swollen bleeding gums, increasing spacing between your teeth, tooth mobility, or a history of periodontal disease, you should have an evaluation to see if you are a candidate for LANAP/LAR.

Research shows that untreated periodontal disease results in more bone loss and potential tooth loss. Studies are also linking periodontal disease with many systemic diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

How many LANAP treatments will I need?

To achieve the best possible results from LANAP treatment, Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Bogart usually recommend two appointments within a one week period. This limits the amount of antibiotics you will need to take and ensures optimal disinfection. Each LANAP treatment session typically lasts two and a half hours. 

Following both procedures, you return to the practice of Dr. James Jacobs & Dr. Tara Bogart for follow-up visits. During your follow-up appointments, Dr. Jacobs or Dr. Bogart conducts an oral exam to ensure your mouth is healing properly. Long-term Supportive Periodontal Therapy is essential and strongly recommended to ensure continued periodontal health.

To see if you’re a candidate for LANAP, call the office of Dr. James Jacobs & Dr. Tara Bogart or book a consultation online today.