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Testimonial Archives Dr. Tara Bogart


Dr. Bogart is an exceptional Dentist. And I do not use that term lightly. From the moment you enter the doors of this practice, you are greeted with kindness and professionalism. I was first referred to Dr. Bogart by my general dentist. I had some challenging periodontal issues and was quite concerned. She welcomed me with open arms and gave me a thorough exam focusing on short term and long term goals. Her insights and knowledge are unmatched. She was honest and caring with her solutions and protocols and I left feeling confidant I was in the best of hands! Dental work can be daunting to say the least but in this practice you feel your needs are in talented and most capable hands.

Pique K. 6/16/20


Who likes going to the dentist! I do! My dental issues are complicated. Dr. Bogart treats my teeth and gums with GREAT skill and care. And I am treated with kindness. I love seeing Dr. Bogart and her staff. Everyone is thoughtful and efficient. Thank you all for making my dental visits a positive experience.

Joan G. 6/3/20


Dr. Bogart and her team are phenomenal. They are very friendly, and treat you at a personal level. I have been going to Dr. Bogart for close to 20 years now, and will continue to do so. I had some serious problems that she was able to fixed, and now helps me maintain. The office is run efficiently, and respects the value of your time by not having long wait times. It's also very clean and nicely maintained. Atmosphere is always warm and pleasant. I really can't say enough nice things about Dr. Bogart and her staff. I highly recommend her.

Mia P. 6/2/20


I have been going to Dr Bogart for many years and I love her! I go regularly for cleanings but she has also done many surgical procedures on my teeth and has, not only been of the highest professional caliber, but also kind and considerate. I must add say her assistant, Inge, also has the same qualities. And the office staff in general is friendly and efficient. Never have I had to wait past my scheduled appointment time.

Andrea S. 6/2/20


I see Dr. Bogart every four months without fail for regular teeth check up and cleaning. I must admit that I look forward to the appointment! Dr Bogart is extremely kind, gentle, thorough and very thoughtful about my anxiety toward gum sensitivity. She carefully explains the procedure and in spite of her terrific “bedside manner,” my appointments are always swift (and always start on time.) I highly recommend Dr Bogart.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 10 yrs.

Judy C. 3/18/13


I sought Dr. Bogart out about 15 years ago when I began to have periodontal disease after years of mediocre dental care, and I have never regretted it. The quality of her work is excellent, and she achieves it with the gentlest touch. The work she completed back then, including implants, is still going strong. When I recently had to have a tooth extracted,it was quite painless: I did not even notice the needle injection that numbed the area and pretty much relaxed through the whole procedure. I also appreciate her general concern for patients, taking time to fully review post-surgical instructions and calling later that day to make sure that things are okay.

About Hygienist: The hygienists who work with Dr Bogart are also excellent. Their cleanings are thorough, their touch is gentle and I leave feeling pretty sparkly. About Front Desk: The front desk staff are a pleasure to deal with – professional, helpful with any and all administrative matters, and courteous.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 15 years.

Elizabeth S. 3/14/13


Dr. Bogart is a caring dentist. She is the best in her field. Despite of a very professional attitude she makes me feel at easy during the consultation. I’ve been seen her for more than 10 years and I can testify her professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Bogart.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: more than 10 years.

Sarah C. 2/28/13


My experience with Dr. Bogart has been excellent in every way. In addition to her strong periodontal and surgical credentials, she is an extremely caring practitioner.

I was introduced to Dr. Bogart by my dentist when I learned I needed a tooth implant. I arrived for initial consultation nervous about the procedure, and extremely concerned about my appearance after the implant since it was a front tooth.

After an examination, Dr. Bogart’s explained what the implant would accomplish, why it was the best approach, and lots of details about the steps involved. She addressed virtually all of my questions and concerns without my needing to ask. Her obvious expertise, straight-forward manner and willingness to discuss the details that were routine to her, but so important to me, put me completely at ease.

After the initial surgery, Dr. Bogart checked in by phone to see how I was doing, and was readily available by email and phone to answer questions. I have a tight schedule and her office runs efficiently with little or no wait time.

The implant was a complete success. I was sufficiently impressed by Dr. Bogart that I now use her for routine cleaning and check-ups, and have recommended others, including my husband.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 2 years, 3 mos.

Cindy A. 3/15/12


About 10 years ago, a front tooth that was turned and difficult to clean required an implant. Again, she educated me and the procedure was and is a success. She also had been encouraging me to get braces so that my cleanings would be more effective. I’ll admit, I stalled quite a while before doing it. I had them for the past 18 months and when I went last week for my first cleaning, minus the braces, she was so happy and proud of me!
I’m a hospital administrator and know full well the importance of putting patients first. Dr. Bogart does this intuitively and that is what makes her so wonderful.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 17 years.

Sylvia E. 2/28/12


An excellent periodontist. Wonderful job with tricky implants, one needing a small bone graft. Felt nothing and only took a couple of advil later. That was it. The follow up check ups and monitoring were thorough and it gave me confidence that Dr Bogart stood firmly behind her work. Great sense of humor, too. That always helps. Don’t ask me to change now. It is too late! I am sold on Dr. Bogart. Yes, I would recommend her without reservation.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 5 years.

Jon P. 12/20/11


I highly recommend Dr. Bogart. I have been her patient for 15 years. She is very thorough and explains every procedure. She has very gentle hands and puts me at ease at every visit. She placed an implant and I felt no pain or discomfort. Dr. Bogart is the only Medical Professional that takes the time to call me in the evening, after a procedure, to find out how I am doing. Her caring and concern are unparalleled. Her office staff is also very special and attentive. I highly recommend Dr. Bogart.

David L. 1/6/11

I travel over 100 miles to see Dr. Bogart. She is an outstanding periodontist and person. Over the past 16 years she has treated me on the average of 3 times a year because of the very poor condition of my gums and teeth. She uses the latest computer technology and new dental equipment which amaze me each time I visit. I have had experience with many dentists during my adult life but now that I am treated by Dr. Bogart I will never go to anyone else.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 11 years.

Stacey N. 2/24/11


I was extremely fortunate to have met Dr. Tara Bogart in 1995 when I was referred to her for a root resection procedure. I was immediately impressed by her warm, caring personality. I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable, and this first procedure was as painless as could be. Dr. Bogart’s extraordinary skill and talent (plus her “light touch”) have seen me through over 6 subsequent dental implants, and a number of other procedures. There’s a lovely atmosphere of calm about her office, which dispels any fears and instills an enormous amount of confidence. Dr. Bogart patiently answers every question and honestly discusses all options, as well. When I know that I’ll need work done, I look forward to seeing her. It’s as “enjoyable” a visit to the dentist as one could imagine (I know, that takes alot of imagining!!). I always recommend Dr. Bogart to friends who might be seeking a fantastic periodontist/implant specialist. She’s the absolute best!

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 16 years.

Pat S. 2/23/11


Dr Bogart has done all my periodontal work and implants starting from her days at NYU when I was a dental phobic. I followed her into her private practice and credit her with helping me overcome my fears. I now come in from Rhode Island to see her. Every step of the procedures have been completely explained in a very relaxed and professional manner. I have never had pain or a problem after the surgeries, and she calls afterward to make sure that all is well. Anyone I have recommended her to also feels equally satisfied.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 20 years.

Helene B. 2/5/11

As the beneficiary of oral surgery, expertly provided by Dr. Bogart, all of my concerns and worries were promptly and competently addressed in a reassuring manner. Dr. Bogart provides comprehensive oral care with compassion. The reader should note that I am not brave and cannot handle pain.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 8 years.

Regina H. 1/13/13


Dr. Bogart helped save my teeth. I was advised to get adult braces and that with her care and guidance has kept me mouth healthier. She is calm, gracious and very skilled in her work. I don’t even live in New York anymore, but come into the city twice a year to see her.

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: six years.

Renee S. 1/6/11


I’ve been treated by Dr. Bogart for about 10 years…She is a fantastic periodontist…I highly recommend her…Her work is meticulous..she’s takes care to explain all procedures, listens to concerns and takes the stress out of my visits to her…I have anxiety about dental visits in general, but her manner and professional demeanor put me at ease…I’ve had periodontal surgeries and have had no pain and no negative post operative side effects..Dr. Bogart’s treatments have been very effective for me…I can’t say I look forward to any dental visit, but I know seeing Dr. Bogart will be pleasant and pain free…Dr. Bogart’s professionalism is top rate…I highly recommend her…I’ve recommended her to my husband, who is also a very satisfied patient…

Treatment Length with Dr. Bogart: 10 years.

Mary B. 1/4/11